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The Funfetti Of Accessories

Hi! I'm Hannah, the founder/creator/sole employee of Linden Avenue! I created this brand in July of 2018 while searching for a new creative outlet, and now it has become a much bigger part of my life than I could have expected. Playing around with the clay, the colors, and the endless possibilities of something I had never done before and didn’t know if I was good at had healing powers. So I made more and more and more. At first, it was only for my own purposes; if I put on an outfit in the morning and I just felt like it needed  an extra “oomf,” I’d just make a pair of earrings tailored for me in that moment. I then was getting commissions from friends (a lot of my styles are named after friends and customers – either people who first commissioned them or were the first to purchase that style!), and from there it kept growing and I had too many to keep for myself, so I decided to start selling them. And here we are today, two years in!

Linden Avenue is an accessories brand that’s inspired by the bright colors of the small beach town I'm from, with an eclectic mix of 60's and 70's retro along with modern styles. All pieces are designed and handmade from clay by yours truly.

I make stuff for your ears, your neck, your hair, your desk, so if you have any of those—I’m your gal. Plus, I don’t really care what your ears or the rest of your body looks like, I just want to make you feel good in your skin, and make it easier for you to throw an outfit together in the morning. Because we all know that earrings 100% make you look like you tried when you actually kind of didn’t.

What's most special about this to me is not only getting to do something that makes me so happy, but also getting to share this joy with others as well. Follow along at @linden.ave and share your photos on Instagram and tag me so I can share them! Feel free to message me with any custom orders as well, I'm always open to creating anything you can dream up! ​

With Love,


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