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  • What color options are available?
    There are a wide variety of color options available, pictured here! If any are not listed as an option on a product, just write it into the notes of your order. - In addition to these solid colors, any combination of these can be used in a marbled pattern! (see The Meriel and The Elara for examples)
  • What is the return policy?
    There are no returns, but if your order gets broken or damaged, I will replace the pair with just the cost of shipping! Just email me at or DM me at @linden.ave on Instagram with a photo of the broken order and I'll gladly make you a new one.
  • Are the materials okay for sensitive skin?
    Yes! I myself have incredibly sensitive skin, and I have never had a reaction to any of the materials used. I always make each piece with nickel free metal, and the clay used does not contain any harmful materials (however, please keep away from pets and small children, as these items are never safe when swallowed!).
  • What materials are these pieces made of?
    All items are made out of clay - shaped, cut, and baked - and attached with nickel free metal.
  • Can I submit a custom order?
    YES! Please do! I welcome custom requests, and while I may not always be able to accomodate the wildest of ideas, I can definitely try. One of the best parts of this is bringing to life something that you guys have in mind, so I love to create things that are your ideas first! Just message me on the "contact" page or DM me on @linden.ave on Instagram.
  • How are the pieces named?
    Almost every pair of earrings is named after the first person who ever bought that pair, or the person who made a custom request for them!
  • Is this a sustainable brand?
    Yes! I make use of every scrap I have, and in addition to the pieces themselves, the effort that goes into packing and shipping orders is mindful of the Earth as well. I use EcoEnclose's 100% recycled padded mailers; they are trustfully recyclable and biodegradable. The pieces are packed into recycled kraft boxes with cotton inserts, and any extra padding is shredded paper. Just make sure you remove the washi tape on the box prior to recycling so that it may be more easily manageable for recycling centers.


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