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Wear & Care


If your earrings or pins become dirty with makeup or dust, just clean using a cotton ball and nail polish remover! It will remove a thin layer of the clay and all the gunk on it! So no need to worry about them being stained.

  • Do not store these pieces with other jewelry, when traveling or transporting them anywhere keep them in a box or case to prevent from breaking. If they are put aimlessly in a 

  • Do not sleep with the earrings in because it will be #uncomfy and they will likely break if leaned on at the wrong angle. 

  • Avoid bending or dropping, since they are made out of clay they are just like any other nice ceramic mug or plate, they will break if not cared for!

  • Do not shower with the earrings, I don't know what will happen but I assume water is not good for them? Lol

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