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There is no longer a metal spine in the pieces as pictured in the the last two images! 


In the first image, the colors are as follows:

1st pair: Beet, Violet, Lavender

2nd pair: Calypso, Tangerine, Lemon

3rd pair: Teal, Periwinkle, River

4th pair: Beet, Periwinkle, Violet

5th pair: Pomegranate, Calypso, Dusty Rose

6th pair: Cherry, Dusty Rose, Terra-Cotta

7th pair: Mustard, Dusty Rose, Calypso


2nd Image:

Cherry, Dusty Rose, Terra-Cotta


3rd Image:

Mustard, Dusty Rose, Terra-Cotta


4th Image:

All White Stone


5th/6th Image:

Violet, Lavender, Opal

The Rainbow

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